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The August 2017 release notes are on our Knowledge Center!


Release Schedule

  • APISandbox Release Date: August 08, 2017
  • Production Release Date: August 16, 2017

Here are some highlights:



  • See API Changelog for a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the API Reference.

Billing and Payments

  • Support Reconciling More Events between GoCardless and Zuora
  • Support Chase Account Updater
  • Resolved Issue: Taxes Were Not Calculated When the Service Period Overlapped the Catch-up Bill Run


  • New features, enhancements, and resolved issues for Zuora Reporting and the Zuora Insights add-on

Zuora for Salesforce Release

  • New features, enhancements, and resolved issues for Zuora Quotes and Zuora 360

NOTE: The features described in the release notes are available only from the Zuora API Sandbox environment. They are not yet available in the Zuora Production environment.


Hi @Grace


I do not know anything about "Catch-up bill run".
I tried to learn about "Catch-up bill run" and I did a search on the Knowledge Center, Community, Google, but I could not reach useful information.
(Only the following sites hit, I just understood that this feature is related to migration: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zuora-hackathonjuly-2016-muyun-zhu)


Also, I saw the list of User Grope of Limited Availability.
I did not know which User Grope is discussing "Catch-up bill run".


Please tell me if there is a web-page with detailed explanation about "Catch-up bill run".
If this feature relates to migration, I would like to understand this.

Zuora Alumni

Hi @yamasaki1ma, sorry for the late reply. 


"Catch up bill run" is used to help customers go live. This is used for our internal team to migrate customer's data into Zuora. That's why you cannot find out any information about it from Knowledge Center, Community, and Google. 


If customers have the old billing system, the subscription information needs to be migrated and Zuora needs continue to do billing for customers. The "Catch up bill run" helps continue to do billing. Without "Catch up bill run", Zuora internal team needs to create a bill run and generate lots of invoices and then do IIA to update invoice amount to 0. 


Hope the above information is helpful.