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Ask Zuora Anything About Our Spring ‘18 Launch

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We’re so excited to share our Spring ‘18 launch with the Zuora Community. “This is our biggest product announcement ever,” said Zuora SVP of Product Tom Krackeler. “The Zuora Spring ‘18 release includes a number of new features and product upgrades to arm finance teams with the technology required to address their most pressing subscription order-to-revenue needs.”


And we want to hear from you which is why we’re launching our first A.Z.A. (Ask Zuora Anything). We want to give our customers and partners a chance to review, ask questions and share comments to our product teams starting today. Then on June 18th, they’ll be here in the Community to respond to all of your great feedback.


Looking forward to your comments and questions!

Zuora Collect - Generally Available

  • Mike Aaron, VP & GM (@mike)
  • Alvin Beyerlein, Strategic Solutions Engineer (@alvin)

Zuora Central Upgrade - Subscription Orders

  • Chris Bruner, Senior Director Product (@chris)
  • Nathan Creswell, Product Management Director (@nathanc)
  • Peush Patel, Director of Products for Finance (@peush)
  • JJ Xia, Product Marketing Director (@jjxia)
  • An Ly, Product Marketing Manager (@anly)
  • Angela Ngo, Senior Product Marketing Manager (@angela)

Invoice Settlement

  • Greg Chang, VP & GM (@GregC)
  • Nick Harlow, Product Management Director (@nharlow)
  • Kevin Qu, Engineering Manager (@kewen)


  • Mike Aaron, VP & GM (@mike)
  • Taylor Medford, Engineering Manager (@taylor)
  • Justin Li, Product Marketing (@JustinLi)

Amazon Payment Gateway

  • Kristin Hagan, Senior Director of Partnerships (@kristinhagan)
  • Amanda Olsen, Senior Partner Manager (@amandaolsen)
  • Tucker LoCicero, Strategic Solutions Engineer (@tucker)
  • Bao Le, Strategic Solutions Engineer (@bao)

How do we know which products are product improvements and which products are separate applications that require an additional purchase?

Community Manager

Thanks for catching that @aterry222!  


I've added additional info in the product posts to identify which products are free upgrades and which require an additional purchase.


Thanks again,


Advanced Tutor

Can I ask about the timings - when is Spring '18? For me this has been and gone and we are now in Summer '18, when will the subscription orders upgrade be available?

Zuora Staff

@LColeborn Spring '18 was in May. Orders is available now actually. For existing customers, we'll work with you closely to assess an upgrade path. If you're interested, reach out to your Customer Account Manager or fill out the form here: https://www.zuora.com/invite_only/upgrade/




@Lana Just checking on my status of the list of standard functionality and improvements versus the features that are for additional purchase.

Community Manager

HI @aterry222,


I've added additional info in the product posts to identify which products are free upgrades and which require an additional purchase and you can access each product via the links in the original post. Each article has additional information about the features, functionality and what's new...and you can ask the teams more questions in their respective threads


Hope that helps,