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Internal Training Guides


Internal Training Guides

Hi there--does anyone have any Zuora training guides or best practices for their internal end-users that have been successful?  I am trying to help some of our finance team to be more independent when it comes to using Zuora.

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Re: Internal Training Guides

Great question, @keverett_virtru and I look forward to see what resources others might have.


In terms of Community, please forward these Finance Greatest Hits to your team which includes a lot of the FAQs they may face - many of these posts were created by Zuora's own finance wizard @monique.  The list includes some of our SME sessions (short videos) that walk them through common activities within Zuora.


I'd also be interested in hearing from other Admins on how we can best support your teams to be independent whether it's introducing them to the Community, holding Community Table Talks where we can answer their questions in a live, workshop format that's facilitated by the Community team or creating a Finance-related Community Chapter like a study group with other Zuora users.


Let me know how I can help!

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Re: Internal Training Guides

@keverett_virtru We didn't have any formal training for our finance team. Our company purchased seats to Zuora University for our Finance team members. They have taken courses on their own time to improve their general knowledge of Zuora. However, there are some free courses that might be of help to your team members.  Zuora University’s Free Content for Everyone