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Workflow : Update record + Slack notification

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Workflow : Update record + Slack notification

Scenarios : 

1) The customer wants to set up a workflow to send out emails to customers to end customers who are past due on their invoices(Dunning letters for 60 days past due invoices). Once the email is sent out, I want to update a Zuora field ("Shut Off" field) to be "Received Final Notice". When I try to create the task after the "Email customer" task, the Update Record field is grayed out and I am not able to select it.

2) Separately, instead of emailing me when the workflow runs successfully, we were hoping that we could have it ping us on a slack channel. 

Solution :

Workflow Capture.PNG

1) In this Workflow, we can CRUD Update Record which helps to update a Zuora Custom field "Shut Off" into "Received Final Notice" once the Notification email Task Run successful. 



2) Once CRUD Update task functionality update the custom field then create a Callout notification in the workflow where you need to add the POST Slack Webhook URL,https://api.slack.com/messaging/webhooks

Capture3.PNGSteps on make an Incoming Webhook In Slack :

1) Go to https://api.slack.com/apps

2) Create a New app or existing once with the workspace.

3) Click the Incoming Webhook, Activate Webhook Functionality once it activated. Click the Add new

Workbook to workspace. Once it did, you will meet with the POST Webhook URL.






4) Copy the Webhook URL and POST it in the Workflow Callout task. Once workflow runs successfully, it will send the Workflow completion notification in slack as "Dunning letter workflow ran successfully".T

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