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Reuse of bearer token in Workflow callouts

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Reuse of bearer token in Workflow callouts

I have a Workflow that makes multiple callouts to the Salesforce REST API. That works fine, but it seems that I'm having to request a new Bearer Token for each call.


Callouts of OAuth 2.0 type appear to support reuse of an already issued bearer token from a prior callout (see section in screenshot about {{Callout Token}}), but I can't seem to get that working or if it is working I am still having to provide all of the authentication info for each callout regardless.


Has anyone successfully reused a token for subsequent callouts? Or know if it's possible to use a token from the configured "OAuth 2.0 Providers" area of Zuora for this purpose?



Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 1.18.21 PM.png

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