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How to use same object in multiple query tasks in a workflow


In my workflow I want to query two accounts (using Query activities) and I want both account objects to be accessible to me throughout the workflow. 
However, after the 2nd query runs it overwrites the first account object. 

How to achieve the above?




There is an option in Workflow called "Payload" which can be used in Query, Using which we could avoid overwriting the account object. Please find below steps to achieve the same.

1. In the Search for the account for the same email id give Payload Alternative Placement (which could be any name)

2. In the Iterate Through All Accounts select the alternate name given in the above step

3. In Update the Account Number, use the alternate name for Updating as shown below.

On doing the above steps , we are capturing the second account number in the Payload field thus avoiding the Overwriting.

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