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How to invoke Zuora workflow using external app?

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How to invoke Zuora workflow using external app?

Question : 

I am trying to create a Zuora workflow, which can be triggered by any external application via REST. The 'Callout' option is enabled for this workflow, and it expects 3 parameters as input and show that in output as Email. Now, when I try to call this workflow from Postman (using the URL, API Token, Username/Password), I get a 200OK success message but do not see any instance of this workflow.

Am I missing out any step?


Solution : 


Workflow can be triggered using REST API call using the API-Token and we can pass parameter as well in the JSON format. In the following demonstration, we are using Postman tool.


Step 1: Navigate to the workflow and click on the Settings, show credentials and get the credentials details. Use either API-Token or Basic for authentication. 



Step 2: After successful validation of your credentials

POST - https://workflow.apps.zuora.com/api/v1/workflows/629/run

  "lastname": "Support",
  "email" : "support@zuora.com"
    "id": 664,
    "name": "WF-629-00000011",
    "originalWorkflowId": 629,
    "type": "Workflow::Instance",
    "status": "Queued",
    "runTime": null,
    "createdAt": "2019-07-18 17:12:29 UTC",
    "updatedAt": "2019-07-18 17:12:29 UTC"