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Best Practices when building Workflows

Zuora Staff

Best Practices when building Workflows

Hello Dear Community,


Please find the attached guide. We hope you find it useful/practical.

**The attachment is the latest edition (Jul. 2020) with a few more hints than our previous version, specifically on pre-requisites before building a workflow and how to minimize the number of tasks**


Happy Workflowing!


Serg and other ZEOs

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Re: Best Practices when building Workflows

Are there not any "Thou Shalt Not" tips? I didn't see any in the PDF but I thought I saw some during a webinar breakout session yesterday (but I could be mistaken since I joined the breakout right at the end).

Zuora Staff

Re: Best Practices when building Workflows

Hi Rick! ( @rwestbrock )
Thank you for your support, good to hear back from you so soon.


Cat Happy In their draft version, some of the Thou shalls started as NOTs, but eventually we figure out ways of turning them to positives, like this one:

Thou shall stay away from hardcoded values ...


You can think that there's a higher level Thou shall that directs the rest of them:
Thou shall write a "thou shall" in a positive light