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Tool For Import/Export Workflow

Tool For Import/Export Workflow


A tool for importing and exporting workflows.

This tool should:

1) Export All Workflows or a Subset of Workflows

2) Import a Subset of Workflows.

Note 1: when importing a workflow having the name matching with a preexisting one it should autorename the old one in order to track the old workflow history and import the new one.

Note 2: We usually use Workflow Name instead of the id for portability reasons and if we try to import a workflow using the same name all callout goes KO.

Note 3: We tried to develop a tool in java but we can't perform workflow name update using API we can only perform get all workflow and create workflow task.


Thanks in advance.



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We have similar requirements. I believe the workflow deployment should be safer following the normal change request process. It is not safe and not IT friendly to copy paste the json one by one