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Re: Show emails sent from the Account screen

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Show emails sent from the Account screen

Workflow offers several advantages over the standard notification emails, but we would like the ability to see the emails sent from Workflow on the account page, similarly to how they can be seen if Notifications fire the email.

Without this functionality we must set up a system outside of Zuora for tracking sent emails and there are gaps in the communication, as we choose to send some emails from Notifications and some from Workflow.

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Hi Dduff, 

Pendula's Zuora native communications platform maybe able to help. 

We're a Zuora partner, you can reach us at tim.beriau@pendula.com


Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Accepted

This request is on the roadmap. 

This will be part of a journey to unifying all Zuora email notification history (standard notifications, custom event notifications and workflow notifications) for a consolidated reporting and user experience.  Phase 1 will be focused on standard & custom event notifications for reporting via data query. Phase 2 we will add workflow notifications plus the user experience updates. I will continue to update this post with target dates as the come available.


And, thank you for your Idea submission!