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REST API to rename Workflows

REST API to rename Workflows

Hi, we are developing a tool for importing and exporting workflows using Official Zuora REST API.
We used:
1) Get Workflows: to get all workflow Ids
2) Export a workflow: to export all workflows
3) Import a workflow: to import workflows
We are using workflow name as key to communicate to an external system. So when we develop a new workflow version and we need to update the existing one there is no api that automatically updates the older version. We need to rename manually the previous version and then import the newer one.
Can we request an official api to rename a workflow?
Thanks in advance
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Delivered

A new API has been delivered to update a workflow definition by ID, which includes names and  configurable settings of a workflow:



Valued Scholar

Hi @shakir-karim thanks, we have noticed that and we are using it to correctly rename workflow and update schedule trigger flag.