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Option to define create a library of tasks templates

Option to define create a library of tasks templates

There should be option to store a configured task as a template so it can be easily reused. For instance if define a callout for a particular service and what to use that service multiple times in your work flow or other workflows you now must copy paste the code from one task to another task ( using two browser windows etc ....very awkward, annoying and error prone)


By storing a task as a template you reused that taks more easily ( like a lego brick) . By implementing template parameters - where you can map a payload variable to a  parameter requried by task script/code the task can re used in the same way as a OOTB task for Zuora CRUD actions...


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Hi Msonsma - Thank you so much for your feedback here. I would love to learn a little more about this ask, would you be open to jumping on a call? Thank you!


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