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Enhance the Approval Task


To increase the use-cases that can be covered by the approval task i would like to see the following:

1. Being able to add a note to the approval task that is displayed with the Task in the Collections Window so the approver can be provided with addtional information on what they need to approve for.Currently only the following information is provided along with the approval taks.

With this functionality you could for exmaple achieve the following:
e.g. we could create a workflow which is triggered in Credit Memo creation.
In the notes we could than provide the Account, TCV, Credit memo amount and number, original invoice amount etc. so the decision can be made on the same screen.


2. Have the pending approval task send as an email so the approver is aware of it without going to the Collections Window. ideally with the notes mentioned in point 1.

This email should have a Approve & Decline link so the task can be approve directly.
This might also avoid the need for Collection window, by direclty approving the task in Workflow.