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Debug Workflow liquid syntax

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Debug Workflow liquid syntax


When i run below code in liquide sandbox (https://jumpseller.com/support/liquid-sandbox/) its working fine.


{% assign ChkCrrTotUsg = 1000 %}
{% assign FetchTotUsg = 2600 %}

{% if ChkCrrTotUsg == 0 and FetchTotUsg > 1000 %}
{% assign cTotalUsage = FetchTotUsg | minus: 1000 %}
{% else %}
{% assign cTotalUsage = ChkCrrTotUsg | plus: FetchTotUsg %}
{% endif %}


But when i try to run it in workflow "logic-if" it keeps throwing following error.

[ If statement evaluated to ''. Only 'True' and 'False' are acceptable evaluations.]

I think its some simple mistake i am doing, but hard for me to figure it out in workflow.




Check the "Skip Validation" option on the task and then click Update.



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That your liquid code executes fine the liquid sandbox does not mean it apply to rules of the Logic:if task. The logic:if task requires that the result/output of liquid code is either a "True" or "False" string. Your liquid code results in the value of ChkCrrTotUsg to be returned.  ( Your code is missing a curly closing bracket: => {{ChkCrrTotUsg}}  ).


The skip validation option has no effect.

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There's a closing bracket missing at the end : 

{{ChkCrrTotUsg} }