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Re: Access to Run Number as a Workflow Data item

Access to Run Number as a Workflow Data item

We use Workflow to provision access to external systems.


Sometimes this access is not provisioned because the workflow had issues, or required fields were not properly entered etc.


When searching for a specifc run, to find out what went wrong, is only one option:

skim through looking at the date/time to see when the workflow should have been called, looking for any with errors


There is a search workflow option, but this only really works for looking up Workflow names, or Run Numers - any data within a run e.g. Acccount Number is not searchable


We want to be able to record the Workflow Run Number that managed that task and then save it against certain objects (e.g. Subscription, Invoice) - either as a custom field, or to have some logging that would allow this to be linked directly.



On Payment received, Workflow A runs to provision access

When Workflow A starts, the RunNumber will be recorded/linked on the Invoice/Payment object

If there are any issues preventing the workflow running, I can find the Invoice/Payment object - click on the Run Number, and go straight to the run history to see if there were any issues


Any update on this idea? we have a similar need and looking for options are available.



Here, too. Would like to send a custom notification when an approval is needed which includes the run number.