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FAQ - Community

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FAQ - Community

We understand that it can be difficult learning a new platform so we have collected some resources that we hope will help you easily maneuver the Zuora Community.


Get started by checking out our FAQs:


Additional Community FAQs

What changes should I expect from the new Community?

With the launch of this new site, there are several changes to existing integrations which you should be aware of:

  • From our Zuora application, the separate Help & Support Links are now combined into a single link called ‘Help.’ This link will navigate you to the Community site.
  • We dramatically enhanced the Support Center experience - legacy Support forums will no longer be available. Relevant articles have been migrated into the Community.
  • Robust, integrated chat experience within the Support Center for customers on Platinum and Nine support plans.
  • Search is federated with our Zuora Knowledge Center - relevant articles from the KC will be displayed based on keywords.
  • Consistent header and footer links throughout the Community, KC and corporate website. 
What happened to the old Zendesk posts?

The old Zendesk posts were migrated over to the new Zuora Community under the user account, "Zuora-Support",  and were categorized into their respective topic categories of our new community.


What happened to the old ideas?

The old ideas were migrated over to the new Zuora community under the user account "Zuora-Support" and were categorized into their respective topic areas in the Ideas Board.


How do I navigate once registered?

Our FAQ page has great information on how to begin your journey in our community!


Get started in the Welcome Board and search or browse through the community to find the answers to your questions. If you cannot find your answer in the community, we encourage you to post a message.  You can also bookmark and subscribe to posts and/or boards that interest you so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest posts.


How do I subscribe to various forums?

Subscribing to forums and posts is a great way to stay informed.  Get started by subscribing to our Announcements blogs to get the latest news about Zuora, Release Notes and our Partners.


How do I file a ticket with the Support Center?

All Support Center activity will be accessible from the Support Center link in the zuora.com footer.


How come I cannot subscribe to posts, blogs, etc?

If you have found that you cannot subscribe to posts, blogs or any other items within the community, check to make sure that you have verified your email address.  You can verify your email address by clicking on the link in the email that you received upon registration.


Will chat still be available in the Support Center?

Yes, chat will still be available from within the Support Center.


Why do some users have access to certain Community features and I do not?

As you engage more within the Zuora Community, you may notice that your rank level changes, which gives you some new abilities. Community engagement can range from creating and replying to posts, to giving kudos to other users. Check out our Community Rank Rewards chart to see what "perks" you will receive once you achieve a certain rank.


How do I change my Avatar?

You can change your avatar from your profile settings. Please see this FAQ for more information. 



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