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Re: Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices


Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices

Hi all!


I would like to introduce you to small but useful Zuora's UI Tips!
With these Tips, it will be a bit comfortable for you to operate Zuora's UI.
If you know other Tips, please let me/us know in comments!


The names of UI parts are as follows:


Table of contents:



Tips 01: Select date of the future with Datepicker


In Zuora's UI, a calendar icon is placed next to the date field.



By clicking on this calendar icon, you can use Datepicker.

If you long-click the Datepicker ">" button or ">>" button, the date of the future will be displayed.



This is useful, for example, when choosing the Effective Start/End Date of the Product Catalog. We often enter the dates far in the future when making test products.




Tips 02: Open Subscription with new tab


Select Subscription from the Left Navigation Menu and open the List Page.
In order to use this Tip, you need to set the Subscription display format to "List View" instead of "Expanded View".



We often want to compare several Subscriptions. To do that, it is useful if we can display multiple Subscriptions in separate tabs.
However, if we right click on the "Subscription Number" link and open it in a new tab,



the blank page will be displayed:



On the other hand, if we right click on the "view" link and open a new tab,


the Subscription Detail Page will be displayed:




Tips 03: Use the "create bill run" link on the Customer Account page


We often test whether the amount of Invoice is as expected.

The test will be done in the following steps:

  1. Create Subscription or Amendment
  2. Excute Bill Run.
  3. Confirm the amount of the created Invoice.

We need to carefully do the 2nd step. We will first go to the Bill Run List Page and click the "new bill run" button. Then, if we do not select "Single Customer Account" tab, we will make a mistake to run Bill Run for all customers.

This mistake can be prevented by using the "create bill run" link on the Detail page of Account.



When we move from this link to the Bill Run Detail Page, Bill Run targets only the link source Account.


It is safer to use this link if you have an Account to target for Bill Run.




Tips 04: When to start Bill Run and Payment Run?


When you create Bill Run or Payment Run, the status will be Pending. After reloading the browser after a while, their status changes to Complete.


You may be aware that the wait time until the status changes is not constant.
It seems that Bill Run or Payment Run is executed every minute of 0 seconds.
That is, for example,

  • If you click on the "create bill run" button at 14:00:01, the time at which Bill Run is executed is 14:01:00. Wait time: 59 seconds.
  • If you click on the "create bill run" button at 14:00:59, the time at which Bill Run is executed is also 14:01:00. Wait time: 1 second.



Tips 05: Change banner color to distinguish Tenants


* In order to execute this Tip, you need to have Administrator's Role.


If you manage several Tenants, you may not know which Tenant you are accessing right now.
If you set Banner Color, you will see it at a glance

Setting: Profile and Settings Menu> Administration> Manage Tenant Profile

You can choose banner color from 5 colors.



These settings are reflected in this way. I chose Rose:





Tips 06: Use the secret window to display multiple Tenants at the same time


We often want to compare several tenants. Especially when making tenant settings the same in different tenants.
However, it is not possible to launch two windows of the browser, access Sandbox 1 in one window, and access Sandbox 2 in the other window.

This is because the state of being connected to one of the Sandboxes is recorded in the session.

This can be solved by using the Secret Window function of the browser you are using. Secret window does not refer session.


That's all! I'm waiting for your Tips!! Smiley Happy

Zuora Staff

Re: Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices

Great piece, one other date entry tip, just about everywhere (except the new Orders UI) you can simply enter, '01012018' without any slashes to enter the date  Jan 1st, 2018. This can be quicker than the date selector in certain circumstances!


Re: Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices

Hi @Richard


Wow, I did not know this! Thank you for sharing!


Re: Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices

Looking forward to more tips!!


I thought Tip #5, the tenant color option was very helpful when it was first released.  We use it to identify our Zuora sandboxes.  Each one gets a specific color so it's easy to know if I'm in a Sandbox or production (no color banner) environment .  Also, because we integrate with Salesforce, I reference which Salesforce Sandbox the Zuora Sandbox tenant is connected to using the Banner Label.

Zuora Support Moderator

Re: Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices

This is a fantastic thread!


Here's one that I've seen customers use when looking at a lot of invoices:


Instead of searching for the invoice using the search bar, click into any invoice from the invoice screen, and just edit the URL with the invoice you're looking for:




This tends to be faster for me than searching.

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Re: Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices

Hi @ehavens@AmyLy


Thank you for the comment & Tips share!


It is important to easily distinguish between Sandbox or Production. I agree 100% to ehavens!

It's also interesting to use Banner Label to distinguish whether Tenant is connecting with Salesforce!


Come to think of it, Invoice's URL is displayed with InvoiceNumber. This is certainly useful, AmyLy!


Reading AmyLy's Tips, I remembered one more tip.


We can know easily the Product ID because it appears in the address bar.


However, the IDs of ProductRatePlan and ProductRatePlanCharge are not displayed on the UI.
These IDs are required for running the REST API, ex) "Create Subscription".
We need to obtain these IDs exported from Datasource.


No, there is other way.


Let's use the browser's source code display function (You can open it by right clicking on the page of Product), and search by the name of Plan. This is ProductRatePlan.Id:



And, search by Charge's name. This is ProductRatePlanCharge.Id (the left is Plan.Id):



This tends to be faster for me than exporting from Datasource.


Re: Zuora UI Tips - small but useful advices

Add Tips:


Check the Amendment Type on the Subscription page

In the Version field of the Subscription page, the links to Amendment that has been applied are displayed.

You can see Amendment's Type and Contract Effective Date by putting mouse cursor on these links.

This is useful when you want to track a specific Amendment but a lot of Amendments are applied to one Subscription.



Track Bill Run from Invoice

Tracking Invoice from Bill Run is easy. This is because the links to Invoice are displayed on the Bill Run page.
Sometimes we want to track from Invoice to Bill Run. That way is written in this Post: