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ZOQL excludes RatePlanChargesTier when RatePlanCharge request field

Hi, I am trying to get the price on a rate plan charge and wrote query to get all in a restful api call 
when I query 

select " +

"Account.*, BillToContact.*, SoldToContact.*, Subscription.*, RatePlan.*, RatePlanCharge.* from RatePlanCharge where Subscription.Status='Active'"
I do get every field and data in the RatePlanCharge and associated object.
But when I do the same query by adding RatePlanChargeTier.* it send me an error.
"Account.*, BillToContact.*, SoldToContact.*, Subscription.*, RatePlan.*, RatePlanCharge.*, RatePlanChargeTier.* from RatePlanCharge where Subscription.Status='Active'"
Even same is the case with ProductRatePlanCharge

How can I retrive the "RatePlanChargeTier.Price" associated with a RatePlanCharge with Product SKU as well ? 

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Re: ZOQL excludes RatePlanChargesTier when RatePlanCharge request field

Hi muhammadalich,


I have tested below export zoql and it works. You can convert it to zoql and give it a try.

select RatePlanChargeTier.Id, RatePlanChargeTier.Price, Product.SKU, RatePlanCharge.ChargeNumber from RatePlanChargeTier