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Why does TCV go to Zero if Credit back setting is set to No?

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Why does TCV go to Zero if Credit back setting is set to No?



Please confirm why TCV is updated to zero even though the credit back setting is set to NO.


S00054911 / ModMed / Tenant ID 4084




The TCV is calculated as

TCV = MRR * (Charge_Effective_End_Date Charge_Effective_Start_Date). In this scenario, both the dates are the same and it becomes 0, as a result, TCV will also be 0.

TCV and TCB need not be the same always. TCV is the measure of the value a customer has committed to you in contracts or orders. It does not match the total invoice amounts that are billed for charges over the subscription term.
If it case, you want to see what was billed then please look into TCB metrics.


The subscription S00054911 was canceled with the same date as that of the effective date and that is the reason why the TCV is zero even though the billing rule, "Enable credit back for removing or canceling one time charges?" is set to No.

When the subscription is canceled with any future date, the TCV has its appropriate value.

Subscription with version1:

Cancel Amendment:

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