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When should I add a new Product vs. Rate Plan?


Question: I’m modifying my Product Catalog - when should I add a new Product vs. Rate Plan?


Zuora Staff

Re: When should I add a new Product vs. Rate Plan?



Before we dive into some if/then scenarios, let’s review the components of Zuora’s Product Catalog.


Product Catalog: where you define your products and pricing.  Each company has one product catalog that contains all the products that they sell. 

  • Defines the billing behavior you want for the products or services you sell
  • Each product in the product catalog represents a product or service


Within Zuora’s Product Catalog consists 3 tiers for billing:


Product: the item or service available for purchase

  • Products capture your offerings and help with reporting
  • Products in Zuora are often ‘services’ that people or companies subscribe to


Rate Plan: the billing frequency and price points available

  • Rate Plans define what a customer can purchase


Rate Plan Charge:  the charges or fees for each rate plan


Example Set-Up:


PC Ex.png


Considerations when Modifying your Product Catalog




If you are…. Continuing to offer the same service at a new price point or price model


Then… Add another Rate Plan


Billing Considerations: use appropriate billing frequency and price model, as needed (e.g., flat fee instead of per unit)




If you are… Creating an add-on to an existing product that not everyone will buy


Then… Add a new Product


Billing Considerations: align the rate plans to the existing product




If you are… Making an existing product available at a discount for a period


Then… Add a New Rate Plan


Billing Considerations: Zuora’s discount charge model allows you to specify the discount and duration