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Uploading amendments: rate plan?

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Uploading amendments: rate plan?

I'm trying to upload some price changes as subscription amendments, but I can't figure out where to get the rate plans.


I started by downloading the Subscriptions Zip, and I was hoping that I could basically revise the prices, rearrange the data, and upload it as amendments. The download includes the product name & SKU, and it includes the charge name, but I don't see that it includes any rate plan info, which seems to be required by the Mass Order Entry Template.


So: If there's no rate plan info included in the Subscriptions download, how do I that info for the amendments upload?


Thanks for your help!


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Re: Uploading amendments: rate plan?

@hmishkoff - In order to find the id's that you're looking for, you should use a Data Source Export to find this data.


Here are some rough guidelines on how to do this:


  • Click on "Data Sources" on the left-hand menu under the "Reporting" header.
  • Data Source --> select "Rate Plan Charge"
  • Fields --> select the applicable fields. You'll see several linked objects. Below are some suggestions to get you started:
    • Rate Plan Charge: Charge Model, Charge Type, ID, Name, Quantity, Unit of Measure
    • Account: ID, Name
    • Product Rate Plan: Name
    • Subscription: ID, Name
  • Filters --> use this if you need to filter by a specific field


Reference that may be useful:

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