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Two subscription billing cycle

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Two subscription billing cycle


How to align two subscription billing cycle?

Customer purchase two services two different location with two different (date) term and condition. 

Due to two different subscription system will generate two separate bill based on product trigger condition.

Is there an option to align both subscription and get charge on billing day?

An example to the scenario:

  1. 26/11/2019 - 1st subscription, quarterly bill day is the 26th
  2. 26/11/2019 - invoice for the 1st subscription for the period 26/11/19-25/02/20
  3. 08/01/2020 - 2nd subscription quarterly. no change to the bill day.
  4. 26/01/2020 - Invoice for the 2nd subscription (1st subscription is not included) for the period 08/01/2020-25/04/2020
  5. 26/02/2020 - Invoice for the 1st subscription for 26/02/2020-25/05/2020
  6. 26/04/2020 - Invoice for the 2nd subscription for 26/04/2020-25/07/2020