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Subscription de-provisioning and metered consumption

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Subscription de-provisioning and metered consumption

Hi All,


I am going to start off with Zuora platform but right now evaluating the platform for my needs.

So bascially i am an entire newbie to the product.


I have a use case where i have provisioned a customer and created a tiered subscription for him.

Let's assume that i have provisioned 100 units of product "X" initially.


Now through the Post Usage API i want to keep my metering on and basically keep a track on how many subscriptions i have already consumed.

If the admin now logs back into Zuora and wants to update the subscription below the initial quantity. I want to alert him in case the subscription cosumed is already greater than the new quantity he wants to put in there.


Is there a way i can achieve the same through Zuora?




Zuora Support Moderator

Re: Subscription de-provisioning and metered consumption

Hi @jetsetspace!


Just to clarify your use case, what charge model are you using for this customer?

You mention a tiered subscription that has 100 units provisioned so it's the tiered with overage charge, correct? (KC article on Charge Models).



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