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Product Catalog Multi-currency Custom Fields

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Product Catalog Multi-currency Custom Fields

Does anyone know if there is a way to select different values in the product rate plan or product rate plan charge custom fields, by currency?

For example, if I have a picklist with 5 values (A, B, C, D, E), i may want to select "A" for a certain charge in USD and "D" for the same charge in CAD.

Better yet, i would love to filter the picklist values by currency.

In the same example, I would only want the following as options...

For USD - A, B, D

For CAD - C, D, E


I am also considering creating separate custom fields, so that i would be able to capture that I need "A" when in USD and "D" when in CAD for that product rate plan charge. But this would obviously get very messy after adding more currencies!


Has anyone found a way to handle this? 

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Re: Product Catalog Multi-currency Custom Fields

At this time Zuora does not have out-of-box functionality that will assign custom fields based on the currency.


The idea of further customizing custom fields, adding constraints and dependencies has already been brought up by other customers and addressed by our Product Manager, Lukasz. You can read more about this in our community ideas section here: http://community.zuora.com/t5/Admin-Settings-Ideas/Custom-Requirements-and-Contraints-Settings-for-F...


We would encourage you to add your Currency idea to this existing posting to solicit further feedback from Lukasz. He encourages to vote and let us know that you need it. (don't forget to provide details of your use cases and examples)

I hope this helps.

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