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Problems when renewing a subscription with an upsell.

Hi there,


I have a problem with the renewal process of a subscription.

Not sure I am doing it the right way, but at least the two scenarios end up in two different results, which shouldn't be the case in my eyes.

Situation: Renewal of subscription with an upsell (let's say from 1000 MRR to 1500 MRR).


Scenario A: First do an "Update Product" amendment (change product from 1000 to 1500 MRR), second do the "Renewal" amendment.

Scenario B: First do the "Renewal" amendment, second do an "Update Product" amendment (change product from 1000 to 1500 MRR).


If I look at the amendments now, it looks the same for both scenarios, giving me an MRR change of 500 in sum. HOWEVER, when running a data export with MRR (from rate plan charge) and subscription status, I get very different results. For scenario A, I get only one active subscription with the correct total MRR amount of 1500, whereas for some reason for scenario B, the old updated subscription (1000) and the renewed one (1500) are BOTH marked as active in the export, resulting in a total active MRR of 2500, which is obviously wrong.


This is pretty vital for us, since we do a lot of the reporting based on this date export and double counts should be avoided at any cost.


Could you please help and advise how to properly do a renewal of an subscription with an upsell/product update. But either way, I think there's still a mistake in the system as well, leading to both subscriptions being marked as still active rather than only one.


Many thanks.



Zuora Support

Re: Problems when renewing a subscription with an upsell.

Hi @NilsFalcon - You can add a filter RatePlanCharge.IsLastSegment = true to your report to filter out expired charges. That way your report returns the latest version of the charge only.

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Re: Problems when renewing a subscription with an upsell.

Hi vu_phan,


thank you for the reply. I did as you said and added the criteria to the reporting request, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

Please have a look at my tenant ID 12117 and check the last data source report that I ran on 19th of September at 7:14 and then specifically look at customer called "MRR adjustment check". There you can see that even though I added the criteria Is.Last.Segment it shows me true for the old and the new version of the subscription. So instead of giving me only the correct 750 MRR as the last change, it shows the 625 MRR as well, making it look like i have a current MRR of 1375 MRR for that customer, which is obviously wrong and very suboptimal.

Please advise.