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Percentage Discount for a specific time only

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Percentage Discount for a specific time only



We bill our customers in advance for products and/or users on a subscription. We also invocie the customers quarterly


If we are gonna make a campaign products for 10 % discount on addon sale for a spesific time only for customers that dont have this type of product.

How should we set up the Time and frequency of charge on this products so the ndiscount stops when it should?


For example 


We have invocied the recurring for the periode 01.05.18-31.07.18. 

Then later on the customer buys the new product with 10% dicsount for the periode 01.06.18-31.08.18.


We have tried som diffrent setup but every outcome is that they are not getting the correct discount .


The first invoice should be for the periode 01.06.18-31.07.18 with 10 % discount

then on the next recurring it should be: 01.08.18-31.08.18. with 10% discount and 01.09.18-31.10.18. witout discount.



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Re: Percentage Discount for a specific time only

nobody has any idea? 

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Re: Percentage Discount for a specific time only

Hi @peterscheen it's possible to define how long a discount should be applicable for by using the End Date charge-level setting, please see my screenshot below.


More on this: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/WA_Dates_in_Zuora/D_Product_Catalog_Dates%3A_Product_Ra...





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