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Notification about new user account


I want to get notifications (webhook) about a new user account or when user change one of fields / custom fields.


Let me ask if is possible? I have not found information about that in the documentation.


(I know about notification about a new subscription - but this is something else that I need).


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Re: Notification about new user account

Hi @wojtekk


In conclusion, there is no Notification triggered by creating/changing Account. But there are alternatives.


I remembered reading Idea about Notification on Account (and Contact).
This is: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Admin-Settings-Ideas/Create-callout-notification-for-changes-to-Conta...
The status of this Idea is already "Implemented". Sounds good.


I have read through Posts of this Idea.
I noticed:

  • The implemented function is not "the Notification on Account" (this is the function you want)
  • The implemented function is "the Notifications on Any Event feature".

What is "the Notifications on Any Event feature"?
I did a search in Community. I found the following articles:

With this function, it seems that you can create "Notification on Account" with your hand.


Zuora is planning a big update. After updating Zuora is called "Zuora Central".
According to the above article, switching to Zuora Central, we are able to use "the Notifications on Any Event feature".
However, In Idea mentioned above, @lukasz says that "the Notifications on Any Event feature is LA".
That is, if you want to try this feature right away, you can ask Global Support to activate this feature with your tenant without waiting for Zuora Central.
(I haven't activated this feature with my tenant, so I can not offer you knowledge on this feature itself, I am sorry about that)

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Re: Notification about new user account

Big thanks for your reply - I will follow your suggestions.