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Invoice is not Showing up in Subscription Preview


Subscription and Invoice are not correctly linked. When I click on Subscription Preview, I am not seeing the invoice.



 Consider an example in which the subscription term starts on 02/21/2020 and there is an Invoice that covers the period from 03/21/2020 to 04/20/2020 and so on. Then the subscription was canceled on 02/21/2020. As the subscription was canceled on 02/21/2020 and the Invoice covers the period from 03/21, the default preview through date will be 02/21/2020 which will not cover March and April period. Therefore, we would recommend changing the preview through date as specific date 03/21/2020, then the Invoice will show up in the Preview.

If you are not finding the Invoice in the Subscription Preview, Check for the Cancelation date and change the preview date to the appropriate specific date so that the Invoice will show up in the preview.

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