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Increasing price only for a part of subscription


Increasing price only for a part of subscription

Hi Team, 


I'm looking for a special solution increasing price only for a small part of a subscription. 

One of our customer have 1000 licenses for $28.80/year. Now we should increase price for the same period only for 13 licenses invoicing them on a separate invoice. Is this possible? 


Thanks for your help, 


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Re: Increasing price only for a part of subscription

At this time, changing the price for the subscription charge will increase all quantities. There currently isnt a way to only increase a certain quantity only.


The workaround for this would be:


1) use an Update Product amendment to remove the 13 licenses from the current product in the subscription.



2) Create a New Subscription for the 13 licenses with price increase. Be sure to enable the "Invoice the Subscription Separately" setting when creating the new subscription so it will invoice separatley from the original subscription. 


The end result will be 2 subscriptions, invoiced separately. Existing subscription will invoice 987 licenses at 28.80, and the new subscription for 13 licenses at the increased price. 

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