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How to get notified when an amendment was deleted?

How i'm able to notify when an subscription that had a cancelled amendment was deleted, so I know that the subscription is active again?.

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Re: How to get notified when an amendment was deleted?

Hi @santiagolober, currently it is not possible to trigger a callout or notification when deleting an amendment. However our Product Team is already working on enhancing the callout/notification framework, and in the coming months we will start supporting notifications on any event!


At this point, I can't give you an ETA for this new feature, apart from what's been stated by Lukasz from our Product Team here: http://community.zuora.com/t5/Admin-Settings-Ideas/Notification-callouts-for-significant-account-lev...


The best practice I can suggest for tracking re-activations is to do daily data source exports for subscriptions where the status = Cancelled. If anything disappears from this list, it must be a re-activation.

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