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How fixed discount applies for the recurring charges in the subscription

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How fixed discount applies for the recurring charges in the subscription


Please help me understand how the system allocates and applies a fixed amount discount at the time of invoicing to all the recurring charges in the subscription.

For example,

We have an account that has several recurring charges and a fixed amount discount of $2400. We would like to know how the discount fixed amount gets splits up and applied to the recurring charges.


The fixed discount amount will be applied to all the recurring charges in the subscription, based on the hierarchical order of the charge number.

Consider you have four recurring charges in the subscription,

Charge 1(C-00000011) of 1000$, Charge 2(C-00000014) of 600$, Charge 3(C-00000016) of 800$ and Charge 4(C-00000019) of 900$ and a fixed discount of 2400$. Then the discount will be applied as,

Charge 1 amount(C-00000011)->1000(-1000 discount)

Charge 2 amount(C-00000014)-->600(-600 dicount)

Charge 3 amount(C-00000016)-->800(-800 discount)

Charge 4 amount(C-00000019)-->900(No discount will be applied for this charge as the entire discount amount(2400) was already applied)

Suppose if Charge 1 has 2400$ or greater than 2400$ as the charge amount, then the entire discount(2400$) will be applied to Charge 1 alone. 

Hence, a Discount will be applied to the charges based on the order of the charge number and charge amount.

In order to verify this, DataSources export can be used. You could see the Charge numbers in the subscription by running a Data source export in Rate plan charge object by giving the appropriate version of subscription Id for which the invoice was created as the filter condition.

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