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How do you add an Account Level charge in Zuora?

We have Account Level discount of 10% for a campaign.

Now we need to introduce Support Plans, 5% standard support and 7% premium support that applies at the account level. How do we do this in Zuora?


I looked at the Uplift price setting but looks like that is only for Renewals

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Re: How do you add an Account Level charge in Zuora?

@tarun - One way you could do this is to create a Discount Product with a Product Rate Plan that includes a discount charge that applies at the Account level. 


When you need to apply this discount to a specific customer, you can choose to add it along with the initial subscription creation, or add it in as  New Product Amendment.


Here is more information that may be useful:


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Re: How do you add an Account Level charge in Zuora?

We figured out a way to add support, but there are some problems.
Firstly -
If there is a 10% discount
and (-15%) charge for Support - this has to be applied as a -ve Discount in Zuora.
Ideally it should be (in our use case)
Plan = $1000.00
Discount = 10%
Support = -15%
Total = $1050.00
But in Zuora it is applied as 
Final Total=$1035.00
Second Issue:
In the Invoice Totals Section Discount is shown as $35, but this is actually the difference between the discount and charge resulting in a charge of $35 on the account.
The invoice will not make good sense, as we are applying the Support charge as a -ve Discount in Zuora.