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Evergreen Subscription into a Term Subscription

Is it possible to take an evergreen subscription and convert it into a term subscription upon renewal without creating a new subscription? 


Use case:


A customer has had an autorenew (evergreen) subscription for 3 years, and upon his next renewal, he wants to convert to a multi-year subscription with a term of 2 years.  We handle this in our system by adding one annual TERM subscription with the appropriate discount that renews into another annual subcription with the apprioriate discount that is on autorenew.  Can we achieve this without canceling the original EVERGREEN subscription and creating a new TERM sub?  We'd like to use the same subscription and just convert it to term.



Zuora Support Moderator

Re: Evergreen Subscription into a Term Subscription

@hdeschamps Great question!


Typically we see the opposite happen where the subscriptions are created as Termed, and then switch to Evergreen upon renewal.


Since this customer needs to go the other way, you want to be able to preserve that "history" within the same subscription.


In order to do that, I would recommend the following:

  • Create a "Terms and Conditions" Amendment
  • You should be able to toggle from Evergreen to Termed
  • Once that is done, a menu should open up that allows you to set current term and the term upon renewal if that is the same or a different rate.

Here is the KC article that talks a bit more about Terms and Conditions amendments in case this is helpful:

Let me know if this helps take care of your scenario or if you have any additional questions.

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