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Discounts on average of several charges of usage



Does anybody know if it's possible to give a discount on a volume of several different charges when these charges reach a combined amount?


For example, we have 3 different usage charges,   if the customer reaches a total of 500 on these 3 combined we want to give the customer a discount of 10 percentage (and of course if the customer doesn't reach a total of 500 or more they should not get a discount). 

We have also other charges on this product but it's only when the customer reaches 500 of 3 specific charges they should get a discount, and only on these 3 charges, not the rest. 

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Re: Discounts on average of several charges of usage

Hi peterscheen, 

The Billing ootb feature cannot satisfy this requirement yet. One workaround I can think of is to use the Connect App Workflow to query the charges and check if they exceed the given amount, if yes, trigger an amendment. 

Reference https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CE_Workflow