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Customer not getting charged for the full subscription price

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Customer not getting charged for the full subscription price


Why isn't this customer getting charged the full subscription price? 

Account Number: A00014768

Subscription: All Access Upfront with Tax



The Billing Cycle Day on the customer account is 15th of the month; the subscription was created and made effective on 12/01. Bill run was executed, and it generated an invoice with a service period "12/01-12/14"

This is because the billing day on the Product rate plan charge is chosen as"Default from the customer account," which will align the service period with respect to BCD of the account.

We tried changing theBilling day to Charge Trigger Day, created a new subscription with the effective day as 12/01/2019, and Bill run was executed. The invoice was generated with a service period from 12/01/2019to11/30/2020. 


Please update the Billing day on the Product rate plan charge, remove the product in the subscription, and add the updated product. Generating the invoice will have the appropriate service period when Bill run was executed with a target date of 12/01/2019.

Please refer to the below knowledge center article on Product rate plan charge attributes:

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