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Credit Memo Generation by Billing period

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Credit Memo Generation by Billing period

Please consider the below scenario

Subscription starts on 01/01/2018 and it has only one monthly charge with price 1000 USD per month.

I created invoices for 3 months. Jan, Feb and March. 1000 USD each.

Passed a remove amendment to that charge effective from 01/01/2018. Now, generating the bill run creates a credit memo worth 3000 USD for three months.

But I want to create 3 credit memos for each month. How do I do this? First I thought if I create a bill run with target date as 01/02/2018, it would generate the credit memo for Jan only but it generates credit memo for all 3 months.

Please suggest a way to achieve it. This is a bit urgent request.



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Re: Credit Memo Generation by Billing period

Hi Rajeev, 

One easy way I can think of to achieve this is to create 3 separate remove amendments.

The first one with date 03/01, create the first credit memo for Mar. 

The second one with date 02/01, create the second credit memo for Feb. 

The last one with date 01/01, create the third credit memo for Jan. 

Hope that helps somehow. 

Yong Xiang | yxiang@zuora.com
Application Support Engineer | Zuora Inc.

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