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Credit Memo Generation by Billing period

Please consider the below scenario

Subscription starts on 01/01/2018 and it has only one monthly charge with price 1000 USD per month.

I created invoices for 3 months. Jan, Feb and March. 1000 USD each.

Passed a remove amendment to that charge effective from 01/01/2018. Now, generating the bill run creates a credit memo worth 3000 USD for three months.

But I want to create 3 credit memos for each month. How do I do this? First I thought if I create a bill run with target date as 01/02/2018, it would generate the credit memo for Jan only but it generates credit memo for all 3 months.

Please suggest a way to achieve it. This is a bit urgent request.



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Re: Credit Memo Generation by Billing period

Hi Rajeev, 

One easy way I can think of to achieve this is to create 3 separate remove amendments.

The first one with date 03/01, create the first credit memo for Mar. 

The second one with date 02/01, create the second credit memo for Feb. 

The last one with date 01/01, create the third credit memo for Jan. 

Hope that helps somehow. 

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Re: Credit Memo Generation by Billing period

Hi Yong,


Thanks for your response.


The proposed solution might not work out in this case


passing the first remove amenedment itself will remove the only charge present on subscription. We will not able to process subsequent(2nd and 3rd).And running a bill run will create a CM for 3000.