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Creation of Salesforce Account When Sub is Created


Creation of Salesforce Account When Sub is Created

Hi All:


I am trying to spec out how we're going to handle a particular workflow involving trials. Rather than originate from Salesforce, our trials will originate from within our application. Via APIs we're building, our provisioning system will send basic trial info to Zuora and create an account and subscription there. 


We use Z-360, but it does not create new accounts in Salesforce. So we need to find a solution that will:


1) Create a new account in Salesforce every time a trial account/sub is created in Zuora. 

2) Link that Salesforce account to its Zuora counterpart via populating the Salesforce ID into the Zuora account record. 


I know I can do this manually via pulling files and making mass updates. But I am wondering if there's something in the marketplace that has filled this need? Or perhaps someone has experience with using middleware to solve this challenge? We're trying to avoid having to create another API connection to Salesforce, so IOW off-Just looking for ideas that we can employ. Thanks!




Re: Creation of Salesforce Account When Sub is Created


Unfortunately the 360 stnc is just a 180 sync, Zuora to Salesforce. We have solved this by letting our middleware first to create the account in salesforce and the. Set the id of the salesforce account as the crmid on the account in zuora when creating the account and subscription. You can create the account when you create the subscription. I can give you some more details on Monday if you would like.

All the best

Re: Creation of Salesforce Account When Sub is Created

I appreciate your response. At this point, I am just trying to determine what's there insofar as potential options. I checked the Zuora Marketplace but did not find anything that stood out. It's possible I'm missing something there. If we have to find a middleware solution, then I will reach out to you as that'd be helpful to see how you did it. I will keep my eyes peeled for any ideas. 


Re: Creation of Salesforce Account When Sub is Created

Hi Jeff,


We built a scheduled job in Salesforce that queries Zuora for accounts without CRMids, then creates the Salesforce accounts/contacts, and finally links the SF and Zuora records. No middleware needed.



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