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Complying with new payment network free trial notification rules

Savvy Scholar

Complying with new payment network free trial notification rules

Visa has announced new requirements for free trials.  Most of these include enhanced communication to customers, easy cancellation procedures and reminders of when a free trial ends.


However, there is one requirement that the conversion charge to a Visa payment card upon end of the free trial and start of the normal subscription must include a message in the shopper statement (the text that appears on a cardholder's bank statement) that indicates it came after a free trial.


We do lots of free trials on credit cards and the payment goes directly from Zuora to our credit card processor (Adyen in our case).  Has Zuora begun looking at what changes would be made in the application to provide a custom message that complies with the new regulation and what impact that has on our subscriptions.  Today, Zuora doesn't provide any custom messaging at all for us.