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Re: Applying 50% Discount during Renewal

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Applying 50% Discount during Renewal

I have a scenario where for set of subscriptions, we need to provide 50% discount during Renewal. All these subscriptions have Auto Renew turned ON.


For eg.,

Sub1 price is 40$

Catalog price during Renewal is 100$


Sub1 after Renewal should be 50$ (50% discount on catalog price 100$)


What is the best way to provide 50% discount on the catalog price which gets applied onto the subscription automatically at the time of Renewal.


Thanks !

Zuora Staff

Re: Applying 50% Discount during Renewal

You can apply 50% discount on renewal at the subscription level if it's just for a certain selective customer or at the product catalog level if it's for the whole product offering. 


In the below screenshot I had given the 50% discount at the subscription level which is going to take effect on renewal of the subscription.



Capture 3.PNG


Capture 4.PNG