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perswardh Student


Currently there are no support for changing trigger dates (Contract Effective Date, Service Activation Date, Customer Acceptance Date) using the orders functionality. It is possible using amendments but not orders.

This is needed when unintentiallly setting the wrong trigger dates when creating subscriptions using orders.



"Trigger Dates: Once rate plan charge trigger dates are set, you cannot directly update or override the trigger dates."

BenG New Student

New Student

After seaching subscriptions and invoices, I click on one of them and view the details, then often times I want to come back to the search results and view another item. but Zuora always reset the search result/filter and I have to type in the search criteria and do the search again, and then find the next item I want to look at........

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BenG New Student

New Student

I always cross refrence to check if the products match in a subscription and an invoice back n forth. It would be nice if I can just click the invoice numbers and view the details, and come back by clicking the Back button of the browser. Right now the invoice numbers are just plain text, I have to copy the invoice number on the Preview page of a subscription and open the invoices in new tabs.

fredkao Partner



Please make the description field on the rate plan charge editable.  



awalia1 Newly Enrolled

Newly Enrolled

Currently if Customer wants to Cancel a Subscription which is in Suspend mode, it can be done only after resuming it first. There should be flexibility to cancel even if it is not resumed first. 

jpawlyn New Student

New Student

We contacted support recently to ask about the status of the API 


 and it turns out that this is an internal API.


We would like to use this API but because it is categorized as internal, hesitate to use it for production purposes. If it could be re-classified as a public API and documented that would be great.



jmorris7 Scholar


Inability to Remove Renewal Amendments

Status: New Idea
by Scholar jmorris7 on ‎10-24-2017 08:13 AM

Issue: Inability to remove renewal amendments


Description: If a customer accidentally renews the wrong account or renews twice we are unable to remove this renewal. This is due to the fact you can't delete an amendment after invoicing/processing a payment. This is causing us to have to cancel the subscription, apply a credit to the account and have the customer repurchase. This happens very frequently and has caused a high level of aggravation for our customers.

bolaurent Master


Allow subscription name to be changed

Status: New Idea
by Master bolaurent on ‎01-05-2018 08:28 AM

We prefer to keep the subscription name the same as (or related to) the opportunity name in Salesforce. But once a subscription is activated, the name cannot be changed. Sometimes the subscription was manually entered, and the user forgot to set the name, then we get a really terrible name that is meaningless. Or sometimes there is a typo in the SFDC opp name, and it is changed sometime after the Zuora sub has been created.


I wonder why Zuora is so rigid about this? Isn't the subscription ID the unique key?

gelaimr Z-Support SME

Z-Support SME

Issue: Currently, OriginalID and CancelledDate fields not returned via GET "{account-key}"


The customer can use the CRUD call, but they are trying to reduce the number of round trips and complexity of getting all the subscription information. Right now if a user has several subscriptions they need to loop through and get the two additional fields of data for each subscription, if this information could just be returned with "{account-key}" it would reduce complexity.


Reference: SUB-5844



nlittlefield Scholar


Subscription Clone Feature

Status: New Idea
by Scholar nlittlefield ‎09-01-2017 07:45 AM - edited ‎01-23-2018 11:45 AM

It would be very helpful for our team to have the option to Clone an existing subscription in the user interface.  Ideally it would create a new subscription for that account with all the same rate plans and products assigned to it as the original, having it prompt only for a new contract/activation date.


timozuid Partner


It would be helpfull to get thousand separators in the Quote quantity fields. The reason for this when a customer is in CPM business the offered quantities can be millions and it's hard the work out the number of zero you have to enter.

zedmundson Tutor


We have customers with multiple (about 20) active subscriptions at a time. If we want to cancel a customer account with an effective date, we have to cancel one subscription at a time rather than if the "Cancel Customer Account" feature adding a new pop-up that would let you mass cancel all pending subscriptions. This could be with the same terms for cancelling subscriptions (end of term, last invoice date), but it would be done at a larger scale and saving us time.

kcoyne Tutor


New Subscription Status

Status: New Idea
by Tutor kcoyne on ‎11-30-2017 06:48 AM

We would like to request a different status for our one time only subscriptions once they have billed as techinically they are no longer active. This new status would enhance the team's reporting when searching for truly active subscriptions. 

bolaurent Master


let me set the order in which productrateplans are displayed (on product page and in dropdown when adding to a subscription)

jbrown Scholar


Add Align to Billing Term Option

Status: New Idea
by Scholar jbrown on ‎09-15-2016 03:27 AM

The Billing Period Alignment options allow for "Align to Charge" and "Align to Term."  However, if you want all of your recurring charges to invoice on the same schedule, no matter what the renewal term or billing term, there is no setting.


We use "Align to Term" now and if customers have matching Billing Period and Renewal Term (Monthly billing and 1 month Renewal, for example), a mid-term change will generate a prorated invoice for the remainder of the month and then pick up all charges at the next billing period.  This works great.  But when we have a customer that has Quarterly billing period and monthly renewals for example, a mid-term change misaligns those same charges with the same settings.  Since charges are configured by Billing Frequency, we only have the ability to configure our Quarterly charge with one option.  So changes for this customer are manual every time. 

vpoliseno New Student

New Student

We'd like to be able to have a template to mass update the following field:

  • Additional Email Addresses
  • Invoice Template
  • Communication Profile to the Account
  • Tax Exempt Certificate ID
  • Tax Exempt Issuing Jurisdiction?
waterstorm Tutor


I'm using the product catalog call to return the entire catalog of products to show all available prodcuts in an application.

However I'd only need the products currently active (see "Effective Start" and "Effective End").

For subscriptions there is an option in the call to filter for active subscriptions (using ?charge-detail=current-segment).


I suggest implementing a similar option for the product catalog, e.g.:


which should only return products where the "Effective Start" date is after and the "Effective End" date is before the current date.

cplummer Student


Make the amend API transactional

Status: New Idea
by Student cplummer on ‎11-15-2016 09:30 AM

Currently, if an amend() call is made, the Zuora API will sometimes respond with a 504 - Gateway Timeout.  However, the amend continues in the background for an indeterminate period of time until it completes.  The problem is that when we receive an error from Zuora, we assume it failed, so we attempt to retry it until it succeeds.  This leads to billing the customer multiple times for the same item, since we don't know if it succeeded or failed.


We've attempted to use a read-ahead before doing the amendments to ensure that the rate plan charges do not exist on the subscription, but that doesn't work when the amend call is still running in the background for some indeterminate period of time.  Since there's no way to know how long is "long enough" to wait for it to finish, the only way for client code to guarantee that something is billed exactly once is to amend until it succeeds, then read the subscription back afterwards and remove duplicate rate plan charges that may have been created accidentally.


Since that solution is very onerous to all clients, instead the Zuora amend API should be transactional - that is, if an error code is sent to the client, the entire operation should fail and roll back.  This is the typical, expected pattern when it comes to billing software.

nlittlefield Scholar


Ability to Edit Pending Subscriptions

Status: New Idea
by Scholar nlittlefield on ‎02-01-2018 06:54 AM

We currently build out through an integration process service subscriptions in Pending status.  Often we find it would be very helpful to go back and change those subscriptions prior to actual activation (for example if new pricing is negociated or in a recent case where our integration wasn't properly setting some renewal flags).   We would like the ability to amend or edit pending subscriptions without activing billing.

johngabest Scholar


Updating quantity of One Time Charge

Status: New Idea
by Scholar johngabest on ‎01-29-2018 05:32 AM

When selling One Time Charges, we cannot amend the quantity billed. This causes a lot of trouble in our company, e.g. when we need to downgrade the quantity of hardware sold.

Why being so strict about it?