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Issue: Currently, OriginalID and CancelledDate fields not returned via GET "{account-key}"


The customer can use the CRUD call, but they are trying to reduce the number of round trips and complexity of getting all the subscription information. Right now if a user has several subscriptions they need to loop through and get the two additional fields of data for each subscription, if this information could just be returned with "{account-key}" it would reduce complexity.


Reference: SUB-5844



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waterstorm Tutor


In the REST API, add a new "future" or "pending" charge-detail to "get subscriptions by account" with ratePlanCharges that are all in the future.

Currently it's only possible to either get all, only the current or ratePlanCharges at a specific date.


However it would be nice to be able to pull only the ones in the future. We needed this in several projects already and currently the only way is to pull all of them and then filter down using the date field.


So instead of "charge-detail=current-segment" it would be nice to also be able to use "charge-detail=future-segment" or "pending-segment".