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Re: how to feed back to Zoura API team of API issue?

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how to feed back to Zoura API team of API issue?

The one I found is spec['definitions']['GETSubscriptionRatePlanChargesType']['allOf'][0]['properties']['quantity']  is defined as string instead of integer.


It show up in swagger definition for  GETSubscriptionRatePlanChargesType.


However, on the web, it clearly say that field is integer as "quantity" is 1 instead of "1"

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Hi @azhang,


Ooh..good feedback!  Check out the API Feedback form in the Developers group.  The input goes directly to the engineering team managing APIs.



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Hi Lana, I think I submitted two feedbacks in January. I am wondering how to see the status of those submissions. One is about the swagger type, the other is about avoiding race condition.

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Hi @azhang ,


Let me follow up with the team.  


Stay tuned,