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Re: Zuora 360 - capture Customer Acceptance Date of Amendment in Salesforce

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Zuora 360 - capture Customer Acceptance Date of Amendment in Salesforce

Use Case:


Our company would like to capture the date when a cancellation on a subscription is processed in Salesforce as business processes such as retention efforts are triggered by the 'Cancellation received date' that we usually store in Zuora's Customer Acceptance Date in the Amendment subscription. 




In the current Zuora 360 setup when a subscription amendment is created and synced to Salesforce, the original version of the subscription is deleted, and a new subscription with a new Salesforce ID is created in Salesforce. Meaning we are losing the change on the original subscription and can't go via subscription history. 


Zuora Staff

If the subscription record was not deleted, but instead updates are made to the existing Salesforce record so the Salesforce ID does not change will that help?


Asking because there is a tenant setting that can be turned on by our Support team that will upsert to the Subscription object when 360 syncs oppose to deleting and recreating the subscription record.

Newly Enrolled

I believe this will help, as we will be able to track the change of the field Status through the Subscription History. The upsert functionality will definitely help with that. 


Any downsides we need to be aware of?


I was unaware that we had an option to not delete the subscription object for every version. 

Are any other objects kept? or are all related objects from charges to features deleted and inserted for the new version. How long has this option existed?



For our Cancelled subscription process we use custom code in Salesforce to write values (callouts to Zuora) to the subscription prior to creating the cancellation amendment in Zuora. We did this in order to have our cancellation custom fields on the canceled subscription in salesforce.

Zuora Staff

Yes the Subscription Rate Plan and Charges are updated as well.


There are no downsides it is just behind a permission as a setting to enable customers in least impactful way.


Specific setting is "Only Update Salesforce Subscription For Sync" to ask Support to have enabled.