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Re: ZOQLExport ProductRatePlanCharge DiscountClass

ZOQLExport ProductRatePlanCharge DiscountClass

 Is there anyway I can export ProductRatePlanCharge DiscountClass using ZOQLExport ? Is this field only available in ZOQL ? If it is then it's really painful to switch between ZOQL and ZOQLExport just for a few fields. I know there are some fields that are not available in ZOQLExport but they are available in the prejoined object which is fine for our usecase. 

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Hi @taikhuu I have taken a closer look at this and it seems to me this newly added field is indeed not available via Data Source Exports, currently it's only an API object.


I'll move this topic to the Ideas boards as those are monitored directly by our Product Team who are responsible for enhancing these features.

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Hi @taikhuu I have moved your topic, please make sure you upvote it to grant it further visibility and help our Product team to prioritize.