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Updating quantity of One Time Charge

When selling One Time Charges, we cannot amend the quantity billed. This causes a lot of trouble in our company, e.g. when we need to downgrade the quantity of hardware sold.

Why being so strict about it?


@johngabest We now have this same use case for our business.  We are selling a new product that has a one-time charge that's per unit.  How are you currently handling this scenario?  so far, the only workflow I can think of is removing the charge and adding it back with the different quantity.


@ehavens Hi, that's something we do too a lot. And when we have already billed (that happens sometimes), we have to add negative quantities of a Charge to have the right amount... That's not very practical


@johngabest, We've decided that we'll add another one-time charge for every new quantity sold.  So over time, we'll sum the quantity on all the one-time charges on an account in order to determine how many downloads the customer has purchased.  I haven't run into a use case where the price isn't correct.  Our charge model is Tiered for this product.  Not sure if that makes a difference if maybe you are using Volume charge model?