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Re: Update Product One-Time Charge

Update Product One-Time Charge

In current UI functionality if a One-Time rate plan charge has been added to a subscription but not yet billed, there is no way to Amend the value of the One Time Fee. The Update Product amendment will not allow you to change either the price or quantity. While I can understand this if it was already invoiced, not being able to update an unbilled One-Time fee is a real issue. The only workaround i have been able to find is to remove the product and add it back again, requiring two amendments (Remove Product and New Product) instead of one (Update Product).

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

This is a good idea and is on our longer term roadmap, but it's unlikely to be there in the shorter term.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely
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Hi - We also have use case to amend our Consulting charge which is currently set up as one-time charges. Our Consulting is prepaid billed and recognized upon delivery. Is there a different way to configure our Consulting services so that we can amend without having to add/drop products and also take advantage of specific end date? There is a lot of downstream data associated with the original charge so add/dropping approach causes great pain. Thoughts?

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

what type of amendment are you trying to do?  Price change?

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We run into the same problem. We got quite a number of legacy products still being sold with an upfront fee, that is under negotiation all the time. To be able to correct wrong prices there it's highly necessary to be able to just use update product, similar too recurring fees.





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2016: "This is a good idea and is on our longer term roadmap"


2018: Hopefully 2 year is long enough to implement this feature.  🙂


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Any updates on this one? Would be very useful to be able to amend using Update a Product to change price one one time charges.

Thanx for update 😄