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Re: Upcoming renewal notification > 90 days

Upcoming renewal notification > 90 days

Here is a question from a customer on renewal reminder notification. We have a limitation on no. of days field that is up to 90 days. Is it possible to increase the no. of days limit or without any limit?


Also, would like to know any reason why it is currently limited to 90 days?


"We’re having some trouble with the Upcoming Renewal notification in Zuora. The date we use for system expiration is actually 1 day before Zuora’s Term End Date for a subscription. We need to send emails to our VARs 90 days before our system expiration. Since the Upcoming Renewal notification is based on the Term End Date, we would need to configure this notification to trigger 91 days before the renewal. However, the system restricts this to 1-90 days before. Why is this restricted to only 90 days? Is there a way we can configure this to use 91 days?"

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Zuora Staff

We have the same need. Actually, in our case, we have subscriptions with a first month free and then X months at a reduced price. We use the term to model that X+1 period of time (the promotional period), after that we renew as evergreen.

We want to notify the customer:

 - when the promotional period us about to end: this is ok with an upcoming renewal notif configured with a few days..

 - when the free month is about to end: this is not ok, since here the number of days is way greater than 90 days, could be up to 11 months



So we would need that restriction of 90 days to be lifted...


Any chance to see this done?