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Re: Support percentage amount

Support percentage amount

Situation: Customer X sell support as a % of platform fees. In the product catalog, they have to separately price support and cannot make it as a % of platform fees. 


Proposed solution: A possible solution would be to allow us to link charges where necessary. Basically make one charge to calculate as a % of other charge. Most Subscription billing customers have support as a % of Platform fees. This is currently being reviewed under DE7364 by our Product Management.


Work around to consider: You need to discuss with your API engineer .

Example: Customer purchases 10 Memory at $10/memory. The billing costs would be: 
Total Cost of Memory: 10 x $10 = $100 
Total Platform Fees: 10 * ($10*0.25) = $2.50 
Total Fees = $102.50

Step 1: Create 2 rate plans in the Z-Billing product catalog UI (that is if the customer wants to see the transaction fee as a separate line item). 
1. Normal Product (Memory) 
2. Platform Fees

Step 2: *Since every Memory may be different (custom fee), the customer would need to handle the custom pricing and calculation of the platform fee all at the API level, after which the final Memory price + Platform fee would be sent over to Zuora. API Calculation: Calculates 2.5% of memory price for the platform fee, if over 2.5% results in an amount over $19.99 then use $19.99 as the platform fee.

*Note: If there is a set price for each memory (e.g. either $10, $100, $1000, etc), you can set up your Z-Billing product catalog with rate plans where the platform fee is pre-calculated up front. 
Memory: $100 
Platform Fee: $2.50

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Having a % based charge that can be applied to a specific recurring RPC has become increasingly important to our product offerings (we have three new RPs being introduced this Qtr and next). Is there any update on the 'under consideration' status?


For that mentioned workaround, it seems that the 'Platform Fees' RP added to the Subscription would also calculate the 25% additional charge for any other recurring charge on that Subscription, is that correct? From the description I do not see how that would be avoided. Thanks.

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Hello, checking in on this ...again this issue has come up with new product introduction so hoping there is an update on this request. Thanks!