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Re: Remove special characters in Account, Contact

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Remove special characters in Account, Contact


I would like to recommend removing some special characters in the account, contact fields (name, first name, last name, custom fields,...)

Because we can build a workflow to sync Zuora account from Zuora to SFDC automatically by Salesforce API but the special characters make errors sometimes. We need to move them manually and it's so hard to monitor.



Support SME

Thanks for the suggestion @salmdo! Some special characters such as ./ cannot be used in the account name. The application will give the message "Account name can not contain relative path pattern like './'". Is it possible to share the special characters that sfdc does not support? A list or link might help in this case. 


Actually this is not consistent - we have many Zuora Accounts with / in the Name so we get errors when we try to update the Account from the API.


I do not know when this restriction was in place but we do have many like this and have only been seeing this error recently on update.


I mean that there is a strange name when I try to create a new SF account/contact with the Zuora account

For example, with the account name is: Thaodo University "Dunarea de Jos" of Galati

It has " in the account name, and I can't create a same name in SF by using escape or url_encode


The result when I encode the name:

SFDC in Zuora screen.PNG



The result when I escape:

SFDC in Zuora screen_escape.PNG

SF Acc_escape.PNG


So I think it's better if we can remove the special characters.