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Re: Recurring Discount charge that affects MRR

Recurring Discount charge that affects MRR

Today when coupons are applied, MRR is not affected.

We'd like this ability to choose whether a recurring discount affects MRR or not.

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I feel like this feature would definitely be helpful. Currently, my organization either overrides the product rate plan charge or uses specific discount products with a negative recurring charge. I can definitely see how this can be complex when dealing with subscriptions that have conditional discounts or discounts that apply for a given number of months (for example, an introductory three month discount applied to a year long discount). In practice, my organization applies these discounts perpetually. It would be nice to utilize the discount feature within the framework rather than utilizing either of the solutions mentioned.
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Zuora doesn't include discounts in MRR calculations!
Which as far as I can see makes any MRR figures in Zuora reports completely wrong if you use discounts!!
Currently can't find a workaround, so have to give up on getting MRR figures from Zuora. You can't trust Zuora for MRR calculations. Ouch.
This is a pretty startling "Design Gap" for such an important SaaS metric 🙂
All four of these are Ideas are due to the same fundamental problem as far as I can see.
Would love to see this fixed (or a workaround would be fine)
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Status changed to: Coming Soon
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We are tackling this with the release of our new subscription order management capabilities. Please let me know if interested, and I'll be glad to find some time to discuss.

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We're despearate for this. We already flunked due diligence because of an inability to break out MRR changes by product type net of discounts.

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Didn't they release this?

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That's correct this is now support with our Order Metrics capability.  You can now see Discount MRR as applied to MRR from Orders.